Small Log Processing

Alle Sägen der SLP Linie arbeiten mit  Schmalbandtechnik. So ist es möglich mehr Schnittholz aus kleinen, niedrig bewerteten Stämmen bis 40cm Durchmesser herauszuholen als mit jeder anderen Sägemethode.

Die SLP Linie ist nicht nur zur Herstellung von Palettenholz geeignet, sie geht ebenso sparsam mit wertvolleren Hölzern um. Die vielseitige Anlage kann durch die modulare Bauweise den Anforderungen einer Produktion entsprechend zusammengestellt und aufgebaut werden

Ein weiterer Vorteil der SPL Linie ist, dass bei den einzelnen Maschinen die gleichen elektrischen Teile, Riemen und Lager verwendet werden, was die Wartung erleichtert.

Die SLP Linie:

  • • kostet weniger als vergleichbare Produktionslinien.

  • • hat niedrige Installationsanforderungen und -kosten

  • • Erzeugt viel Schnittholz und wenig Späne.

SLP1 Layouts

SLP 1 Videos


Smart Log Processing 1

Die profitable Bearbeitung kleiner Stämme


 TVS-SC2.4L 2 x 11 kW Elektro
 HR200 15 kW Elektro
 HR500 2 x 11 kW Elektro
 HR700 2 x 15 kW Elektro
 Absicherung 400V / 50 Hz, 3Ph
 Min. Stamm Ø 100 mm
 Max. Stamm Ø 400 mm
 Min. Stammlänge 1.2 m
 Max. Stammlänge 2.4-3.6 m
 Min. Schnittbreite 70 mm
 Max. Schnittbreite 250 mm
 Standard Ausstattung TVS - Zweikopf Vertikalsäge
SVS - Vertikalsäge
HR500 or HR700 - Mehrkopf Nachschnittbandsäge
 Optionen support equipment Beladung: Stammauflage,
               Log deck,
               Log incline deck
Conveyors: Transfer deck,
                   Roller tables
SÄGEBAND ( Länge & Breite )
 TVS-SC2.4L 4.67 m x 32-38 mm
 HR200 4.67 m x 32-38 mm
 HR500 4.01 m x 32-38 mm
 HR700 4.67 m x 32-38 mm
 Länge 28 m
 Breite 8 m
 Height 2.15 m



Die TVS (Twin Vertical Saw) arbeitet mit Schmalbandtechnologie und sägt gleichzeitig beide vertikalen Seiten eines Stammes von bis zu 400mm Durchmesser. Die Säge ist kostengünstig, vielseitig, für hohe Leistung ausgelegt und für jahrelangen zuverlässigen Betrieb gebaut. Die TVS ist sowohl als Einzelmaschine als auch in einer Produktionslinie einsetzbar.


The V feed system advances logs one at a time through the TVS. Spiked hold-downs guide the log. The lug spacing can be moved to suit the standard log lengths. This is a good option for straight logs with standard lengths.


The spiky chain feed system with heavy, spiked top-rollers adds greater stability to the log as it goes through the TVS. Logs can be loaded onto the feed chain with little or no gap between them. This option is ideal for increasing productivity with straight and curved logs.


For squaring up timber which already has two flat cut surfaces, a flat feed chain is available with heavy, spiked top-rollers. This is commonly used when two TVS units are used in line together. Another popular use for the TVS is for the slab recovery line. Large slabs can be put through the TVS and then fed down to a resaw or multi head resaw.


The SVS Single Vertical Saw simplifies the removal of the third side of a log during processing. Placed in the line behind the TVS, the SVS prepares the cant to move on to the resaw. The SVS has a maximum cut width of 300mm. The maximum material size is 400mm wide by 250mm high.


Ideal for companies that need an affordable multi-head resaw, the HR500 can grow with your business. From one to six heads, the HR500’s modular design allows you to add more saw heads later, and produce up to six boards and one slab in one pass. For short cants less than 1.2m long or material with internal tension, a steel double roller option is available.


The EG300 combines the functions of both an edger and a multirip into one machine. The EG300 maximises recovery from each board and increases overall productivity of your sawmill by 20-30%.


Material Handling Equipment

Designed to make loading the log deck with a forklift easier and more efficient. It also increases log capacity on the deck, thus minimising loading runs.

To keep your small log line supplied with timber, you need a strong and robust log infeed system. Our log decks have been designed to withstand the rigours of the forestry industry. Massively constructed, our log decks will give years of service in a very demanding environment.

  • • Powerful motor and gearbox ensure durability
  • • Heavy-duty link chain
  • • 200 x 100 main support tubes


The Log Incline Deck has been designed to bring the logs up to the operator station in a controlled manner, allowing the operator to concentrate on log alignment and continuous feeding into the TVS.

  • • Dogged link chain to help separate logs
  • • Trip switch ensures that the next log is always ready to load.
  • • Solidly constructed, with a large gearbox and motor to feed small and large logs every day.

Every sawmill is different. That is why we have made our transfer deck modular. Order a drive end module and an idle end module and then as many extension modules as you require for your layout. Increase or decrease the length of the conveyor, or the height/slope of the conveyor to suit your needs. As with our log decks, they are massively constructed to cope with the demands of the sawmilling environment. 

Incline decks – Remove side boards and more with the flexibility to select an incline angle that suits your needs. 

Flat transfer decks – Move timber in various directions with the flexibility to add as many extensions as required to meet your required length.

  • • High quality chain
  • • Trip switch to control material flow
  • • Rugged motor and gearbox
  • • Heavy duty construction

Simple roller table that can be used anywhere in the processing line. Efficient means to link machines together without employing more labour, by helping enable the smooth flow of timber through the sawmill.